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Bright, journalistic photography to capture your love, family, & passion projects

Well hi there! 

I'm Nicole, a down-to-earth gal from central Alberta.

I aim to capture things as they happen, in a way that highlights the magic of the moment.

It's your life, your memories, captured in a way that takes you back to how you felt at the time.

My photography journey kicked off in 2014 when I started taking self portraits.

I've been shooting professionally since 2019, graduations, family sessions and weddings with a sprinkling of projects and events.

Send me an email, I'd love to learn about what you're doing and how I can help.



Prairian 2019 / Town & Country News /  The Grain Exchange / The Grains West / Red Deer Advocate


The Chai Wallahs / The Diversity Imperative Podcast/ Prime Stock Theatre / City Image Signs / Alberta Barley Commission / Prairie College / Alberta Wheat Commission / Hope Christian School 

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